Top Philosophy Quotes


Be careful when you fight monsters, because you may become one

This was said by Friedrich Nietzsche who was a German philosopher. By fighting evil or bad things you will be exposed to those evil things and you may end up becoming as evil as those whom you are fighting.

Be the change that you want to see

This was said by Mahatma Gandhi. For change to happen it must start with you. Change will not start from the top but will always start from the bottom with you. You should not just sit and wait for change to take place. If you are in a position to bring change no matter how small you think your contribution is you should take the steps to effect that change.

Without deviating from the norms progress may not be possible

This was said by Frank Zappa a musician. For progress and development to take place new ways of doing things have to be developed. This new ways will be seen as deviating from what people consider normal but they have to be accepted for the betterment of society.

Bring your desires down to your present means. Increase them only when your increased means permit it

This was said by Aristotle an ancient Greek philosopher. You should live according to what you can afford and that you should not have a lifestyle you cannot afford. You should only change your lifestyle when you can afford it.

The past has no control over the present

This was said by Eckhart Tolle. The past is already gone and what we did or did not do does not matter. We have the power over our present and future and we therefore should not linger in the past as it will hinder us from moving forward.

The price good men pay for being indifferent to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men

This was said by Plato an ancient Greek philosopher. This is a way to challenge those good people who are indifferent to public affairs. Because of them they may end up being ruled by evil men and they should therefore try to participate in public affairs and ensure they have good leaders.

It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when they are going the wrong way

This was said by Rollo May. Most people when doing something that is wrong or something that will have adverse effects tend to put more effort than when they are doing something good.

If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it

This was said by Marcus Aurelias a roman Emperor. We should follow the rules and do what is right and everything will be alright.

The end of labor is to gain leisure

Said by Aristotle. The purpose of working hard today is so that afterwards we may relax and enjoy the fruits of our day’s hard work.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing

This was said by Albert Einstein. We should always seek answers for things we do not understand since the questions will help us solve the mysteries of life.

I cannot teach anybody anything I can only make them think

Said by Socrates. Lecturers are there to help you think and come up with your own ideas and not there to teach you what they know.

Always trust yourself you probably know more than you think you do

Said by Benjamin Spock. People should have more faith in their abilities since they are capable of more than they think they are.

Every strike brings me closer to the home run

Said by Babe Ruth. This is an encouragement for people to keep on trying and not give up since they will eventually succeed.

The first duty of a man is to think for himself

Said by Jose Marti. Before acting on what we have been told one should first think about it and see whether it is logical before doing what he has been told to do.

Desire is the very essence of man

Said by Baruch Spinoza. People are driven by their desires in life to work hard and to attain good things. Without these our lives would have no essence.

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